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Have more check on your entered link partnerships!

You can use our Linkchecker for free! You only need to register with a valid email adress, and we will store, check and supervise your link partnerships.

The free account offers the following functions:
  • You can save up to 10 link tests
  • manual check of the links
  • link text (or HTML content) readable directly
  • check statistics
  • comfortable and concise administration user interface
With each check the following values are determined and stored:
  • HTTP response code of the page searched
  • last modified header of the page searched (if checkmarked)
  • Is your link existent?
  • What link text (or HTML code) does the link to your page content?
  • amount of external links on the page searched
  • G00GLE pagerank of the page searched
Just give it a try! How to do it, you´ll learn on the Demo Login page! Or register for free right away!

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