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The valid terms of use for the Linkchecker

Using our service with obligatory registration you agree with the following terms.
  • These terms are valid for all types of use. For using the Premium Account, there apply further terms additionally, which are displayed after activating the Premium Account.
  • The registration for using our service offers is for free and can be terminated by either partner anytime.
  • Your indicated data will be handled confidentially and not passed on.
  • You assure to perform only link tests for websites registrated or administrated by yourself.
  • The provider reserves the right to terminate the service at anytime without stating the reason, particularily when economical or legal reasons demand it.
  • The provider does not guarantee constant availability of the service, liability of the operator for potential downtime is excluded categorically at any rate.
  • The provider does not assume liability for potential errors in test results and outputs, and potential suffered damage developing from these errors.
Stand 22.8.2004