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Linkchecker Premium Account

Keep your contracted link partnerships under ideal control!

With help of the well-prized Premium Account for our Linkchecker you have access to extended functions! Keep informed as soon as your link partner removes the link to your page!

The Premium Account offers the following functions:
  • You can save up to1500 link tests
  • manual and automatic check of the links
  • email notification
  • link text (or HTML content) readable directly
  • check statistics
  • comfortable and concise administration user interface
  • additional tools for entries administration
With each check the following values are determined and stored:
  • HTTP response code of the page searched
  • last modified header of the page searched (if checkmarked)
  • Is your link existent?
  • What link text (or HTML code) does the link to your page content?
  • amount of external links on the page searched
  • G00GLE pagerank of the page searched
Just give it a try! How to do it, you´ll learn on the Demo Login page! Or register for free right away!

Order the Premium Linkchecker
You can book the Linkchecker Premium Account for a period of 6 months or of 12 months. The account activation will take place within 30 working days of payment receipt. For using the Premium Account please register for free first, and activate the account for the requested period after login in the member domain.
Premium Account for
6 months: 9.90 EUR
Premium Account for
12 months: 14.90 EUR

You want to save even more link tests? Then buy this software and install it on your server!